Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Trouw that.

The Dutch paper "Trouw" conciders homosexuals, asylum seekers, and immigrants to have a "plight" - which is correct. They are the people who are the most pandered to by costly and pointless nanny-state programs. In other words, if you need the government to provide you with familial bonds, then you are one seriously lost soul and a sick puppy.


«The Protestant daily Trouw reports on a new service offered by the public library of Almelo, a town in the east of the Netherlands. The library will not only lend you books, newspapers and CDs, but also people. It is acquiring a collection of volunteers who are prepared to meet with clients who are in the same plight and with whom they can share common concerns and experiences over a cup of coffee at the library, Trouw reports.

So far, the collection includes a homosexual, a couple who are the parents of a homosexual, an asylum-seeker, an immigrant, a disabled person, a heroin addict and a German.»
All of a kind? Certainly not, but writer doesn’t seem to realize that the PC fever has gotten the best him (or her, or perhaps even it.)

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