Wednesday, August 24, 2005

La Fwance under Attac

Used to be that Attac was the talk of the town. It was toasted by limousine leftists and all of Paris' chattering classes and rich neighborhood revolutionaries (ô, les vieux pédés aigris du VIIIème arrondissement) who adored the group's staunch anti-Americanism, unflinching anti-Semitism, and 24/7 globophobic posturing --- until Attac campaigned for the NO vote during the EU Constitutional referendum and was instrumental in literally bringing down the house of the Urine Peein' elite. Now the French Left is trying to figure out what to do with this nihilistic band of Luddites who are preparing to have José Bové©®™ run for Prez'nit of Fwance. Pass the roquefort cheese and that cheap red table wine. I'm gonna kick back and have me a chuckle.

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