Wednesday, July 27, 2005

So You Want to be a Martyr for Someone Else's Cause?

Jihadist target: nations who collaborated in the routing of the Taliban from Afghanistan, and the double plus ungood disposal of the Iraqi tyrant would be punished.

«Man linked to London bombings threatens Sweden

The 39-year old Swede suspected of involvement in the London bombings has said that Sweden would be “punished” if he was handed over to a foreign power.»
Especially true for nations inadvertertently harboring jihadist wankers in a maze of immigration and refuge laws, and showing the submissiveness sympathy that won't make them a target.

Originally from Lebanon, has lived in Sweden since he was 18, where he seems to have learned a thing or two from a society that evil people can easily take advantage of. Taking a language cue from leftist agitators, he said:

«I am proud of Osama bin Laden. I am proud of everyone who wages war for justice.»

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