Saturday, June 18, 2005


Hm., why is it that John Conyers who sounds like a complete idiot, never attracts any criticism or derision - while hatemongers pretending to be sensitive and concerned citizens will spend 5 years repeating that Bush is an idiot?

They know this presumably by taking a pair of calipers to the heads of people in majority Republican districts or some other such new-fangled 18th century science...

The point is that when John Conyers drilled an Assistant Attorney General (testifying for the Department of Justice) at a hearing discussing the extension of the Patriot Act and brings up the Abu Greib affair, he must have known that its a matter for the Department of Defense, not the Department of Justice.

No matter if he did or didnt. It makes no difference to me if Conyers is ignorant enough to ask such a question, or that Conyers thinks that his political supporters who wanted to hear the question asked are ignorant it happened, and the media didnt carry it, not even the reflexive Bush-haters at Pacifica Radio. Even that non-addictive sedative C-SPAN snuffed it, probably out of sympathy for a man who embarrassed himself.

While theyll be blanketly critical of the president, theyll gladly trombone any of Bushs opponents, no matter how inept and overblown they are, and go as far as call meme pimper Randi Roades brilliant if it props up their tender egos.

If you aren't sold yet on the concept of the propaganda of the middle-minded left, compare THIS to THIS on PBS which has been giving trobone lessons for decades, is as much of a non-profit entity as Adnan Khashoggi is, and only behaves evenhandedly during pledge drives.

Democrats have failed the U.S. public - they should be engaging in debate with the majority instread of navel gazing at the top of their lungs. They're supposed to be the argumentative check and balance in a time of change. Instead they act like they need to have their heads checked, and quite frankly given their predeliction of talking about how oh-so-very bright they and their agendas are, they have yet to prove it.

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