Thursday, June 16, 2005

Jewish cemetery hit by 117th attack in 15 years

The Guardian reports on the west Ham Jewish cemetery which has gone unmolested for more than a century, but hit by 117th attack in 15 years. West Ham is well known to football fans, but to neo-nazis and jew-haters?

«It is the 117th attack on the West Ham Jewish cemetery in east London in 15 years. Some of the graves had stood for 150 years but were pushed over or broken over the last 10 days. Others were daubed with graffiti, or sprayed with swastikas.»
Only in the last 15 years. 1990... 1991.... lets see... about the time the rock throwing craze in praise of including the Death-cult gang branch of the Palestinians in the "never-ending revolution" took hold on a large scale at the Unis. While they're whining about not holding a book with both hands, they barely make mention of ces cons who desacrate graves to insult the living.

«"Whoever did this would have had to have put some real effort in to push the stones over because they are deep in the ground. That is one thing that is so upsetting. These idiots have tried really hard to do damage. They have kicked in the door to a 19th century mausoleum dedicated to two members of the Rothschild family and have spray-painted a swastika ... on the side.

"These graves have been here in peace for 120 years and these mindless thugs have ruined that forever."»

Anti-capitalists, maybe? People envious that others manage to make a living on their own wits and effort?

Does it even matter with cowardly wankers who take their troubles out on the dead?

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