Monday, June 13, 2005

Feudalistic stupidity from the West Bank to Manhattan

'Allah turned girl into dog

«Punishment meted out after girl mishandles Quran, according to rumor circulating at Arab-Israeli town

TAIBEH Harsh punishment? A Muslim girl from Taibeh was punished by Allah and turned into a dog, according to rumors that have been circulating in the Arab-Israeli town this week, Arab-language newspaper Panorama reported.»
As far as infantile wild invention goes, the NY Times refuses to be outdone.

From from the fever swamps of their minds, the NYT concluded that having once asked the newly appointed SEC chairman to write a review of a collection of Ayn Rand's letters, they now label him a dyed-in-the-wool objectivist. Wrote George Will:

« She wrote fat and pitilessly didactic novels -- e.g., Atlas Shrugged'' and The Fountainhead'' -- celebrating severe individualism and unfettered capitalism. The third paragraph of The New York Times front-page story reporting Cox's nomination called him a devoted student'' of Rand.

Cox, however, has never read a Rand novel. He sampled her work only when preparing, for the Times, a less-than-reverent review of a collection of her correspondence. Still, the devoted student'' description swiftly reverberated in the echo chamber of Washington journalism, where much of the reporting about Cox's nomination has had a cartoon-like quality. »
Using that logic, given this fine book review, what conclusion should we come to about their book reviewers?

Inasmuch as I have stumbled over NYT employees honoring us with a visit to ¡No Pasaran!, should I assume that they uniformly agree with our little blog?

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