Sunday, June 12, 2005

She's Out

After five months' captivity in Iraq, Florence Aubenas is free and heading for home. The Libération reporter is expected in Paris Sunday afternoon.

Likewise, her chauffeur has returned to his family in his Baghdad home…

According to RSF, up to $15 million was asked for Aubenas and Hussein Hanoun's liberation when they first vanished, something the Quai d'Orsay has denied.

As for France's ambassador to Iraq, Bernard Bajolet has expressed doubts concerning the media hooplah surrounding kidnapped French reporters:

I have reservations concerning the impact of the media campaign for the liberation of the hostages; although the intentions are good, one has reason to ask oneself if it really serves towards the purpose of ensuring their freedom (Je m'interroge sur l'impact de la campagne médiatique pour la libération des otages car si elle part de bons sentiments, on peut se demander si elle sert vraiment à leur libération)

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