Sunday, June 19, 2005

Please to Deconstruct...

Is it posing to promote Voodoo cures for AIDS of some sort of maudlin display of recreational “compassion”? Is it all that different than thinking that you can free Florence Aubenas and her fixer Hussein Hanoun Al-Saadi, by making demands to governments who didn’t have any influence over the situation anyway, or holding music festivals in Paris? So, in the way that all of that anonymous nonsence did nothing to free them, how do stars posing nude "fight" HIV/AIDS?

It reminds me very much of this item which somehow got through the BBC’s Political Correctness early-warning-system:
«The author said "mourning sickness" was a substitute for religion.

In his report,
Conspicuous Compassion, author Patrick West said people were trying to feel better about themselves by taking part in "manufactured emotion".

Describing extravagant public displays of grief for strangers as 'grief-lite' Mr West said these activities were, "undertaken as an enjoyable event, much like going to a football match or the last night of the proms".

"But these new bonds are phoney, ephemeral and cynical," he said.»

...naked or otherwise, something even more important is still being hidden.

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