Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The USA's "Mexican Mafia" and Its Politiqueros: Testimony in Dinesh D'Souza's "2,000 Mules" Suggests Deeper Democrat Involvement in Illegal Immigration Than Imagined

Dr. Rich Swier
and Before It's News have reproduced the entire new Dinesh D’Souza documentary that Pamela Gellar unearthed on Sunday. UPDATE — the 1:27:00 video has just been removed for copyright claims, at least on Pam's website.  It may still be on other websites, for the time being, but don't go see it — obviously — if you think it's ethically wrong to do so.

In any case, posting a Youtube video of the very first scene in the movie — the brief outtake from an infamous Joe Biden speech — albeit in a private message to one single solitary other person, is FYI what got me banned from Facebook, with no explanation, the very day after the 2020 election, with no reply ever to any of my letters and emails over the next year and a half.

The new film by Dinesh D’Souza, 2,000 Mulesanalyzes data obtained by True the Vote, and showing how ballot harvesting manipulated the 2020 election.

“America needs to wake up” and take the malfeasance that occurred in the 2020 election — most notably through ballot traffickers — seriously, or it could happen again in future elections, True the Vote president and founder Catherine Engelbrecht.

 … The film details how paid operatives, or “mules,” trafficked ballots, “typically in the middle of the night,” to mail-in drop boxes.

Among the guests is Hans von Spakovsky, who, willingly or otherwise, gives a new interpretation to illegal immigration. Conservatives have been thinking that illegal immigration in and by itself has been the desire of leftists and drama queens for generations.

The reality may be different. Prior to von Spakovsky's arrival (at 1:06:16), we see an informant or a whistle-blower explain that the elections in San Luis, Yuma County, Arizona are "fixed, they have been fixed" (1:01:54).

Members of the Latino minority "are an easy target because most of the Hispanics that live in the town are not well educated as far as the law [is concerned]. … I call it 'the Mexican Mafia', seriously."

This is the point at which Hans von Spakovsky comes in:

But unfortunately, this is so common in some parts of America, particularly the Hispanic community, that they have a special name there.  There, they call them Politiqueros. And these are individuals who are paid by campaigns, or political parties, to go into neighborhoods and collect absentee ballots, to pressure and coerce voters…

The co-author of Our Broken Elections goes on to explain why absentee ballot fraud or mail ballot fraud is the easiest and most common type of election fraud:

They're the only kind of ballot that is voted outside the supervision of election officials and outside the observation of poll watchers. Transparency, as you know, is very important in the election process, and there's no one there, at a voter's home to observe what's happening. 

In any case, maybe we conservatives have been naïve to believe that the Democrats (aka the control freaks) were more or less laissez-faire in letting Latinos in and simply expecting them to vote leftist. No, whether the drama queens are English-speakers or Spanish-speakers, getting the immigrants to vote the correct way takes far more involvement than that.

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