Friday, May 20, 2022

Buffalo Shooting: Paul Reen Takes On the Race-Baiters of the France 24 Channel

This week, the head of Republicans in France (RIF) was a guest on the English-language version of France 24 for a debate on (quote unquote) "Racism going mainstream? Buffalo shooting inspired by far-right conspiracy theories." Needless to say, the conservative was, as usual, outgunned, in this case by Curtis Young and Jennifer Carlson, not to mention the "moderator" himself, but Paul Reen fired back at that the drama queens with both barrels… (Paul's latest article, incidentally, is on Joe Biden's Ministry of Truth…)

He is not a lone wolf. The 18-year-old who travelled to Buffalo, New York to livestream a shooting spree targeting Black shoppers had the complicity of an "anything goes" internet where hate can spread at the speed of light, and a "land of the free" mantra where he could buy assault weapons over the counter.

In the wake of Joe Biden calling the shooting domestic terrorism in the name of White supremacy, François PICARD's panel argues over how the "Great Repacement", a conspiracy theory imported from France, went from the fringe to Fox News to Capitol Hill. Will the far right carry White supremacist ideas all the way to victory in November's midterm elections?

Produced by Charles Wente, Elise Marné and Imen Mellaz


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Kepha said...

Not being "all white" myself, yet a religious conservative, I am deeply concerned about "buffalo hunting". I may not wave the BLM flag (I do not wish to identify with young punks of any color who end up terrorizing people and then committing suicide by police), but I sure docare about a whole bunch of colleagues, neighbors, students, friends and religious brethren. For American conservatives, it is extremely important that we recognize that while the blacks, Indians, and Asians were long at best "strangers at the gate", there is a tradition in our pre-radical thinking that understood that somehow, non-Europeans were either to be or already part and parcel of our body politic. While the Left foments ethnic warfare (which will not go away if they are ever allowed by a judging God to win), we need to find a way back to an ethnocultural diversity-in-unity based on a common citizenship.