Friday, September 27, 2013

Real Voices on the ACA: "My premiums already tripled on anticipation"; "our bare bone plan is gonna be terminated on Jan 1 2014 because of MugabeCare"

Regarding Health Insurance Marketplace premiums, a bunch of friends have been emailing back and forth recently how well they have been doing with regards to Barack Obama's "unaffordable care act" and how much better off they will be next year:

Yikes! I don't think Obamacare is going to be a good deal for me. Huge increase over my current plan.

How do you all make out? …
Mine doubled. My boss covers me, and my plan went from about 150 to 300.
My premiums already tripled on anticipation.  If you include my employer's part of the seal, its cost now is equal to more than a quarter of my gross pay.

Cheaper! Better! More equal and proletarian!
I learned 5 months ago that, due to OCare, [my] insurance would cease after Dec. 31. [My husband] doesn’t know the exact figure, but his and [our daughter’s] will go up. We contacted insurance brokers and the BC/BS plan that [my husband and daughter] are on to see if I could get on. All said the same thing “We have to wait until Oct 1.”

How those scumbags in Congress sleep at night is beyond me. Guess evil is not pricked by conscience.

When I was young I studied the American Revolution and the French Revolution. The great violence of the latter was hard for me to understand. I understand it now.

Friends contact the U.S. House of Representatives and let them know how this wonderful program THEY BEGGED to not be applied to THEM is affecting you. Urge them, as this speaker does in the video below , to defund this monstrosity.
Right on, Sister. This is not the Change we were Hoping for.

I haven't found anyone that I know, Dem or Republican, that believes Mugabecare (if I may borrow RV's apt description) is the right answer to fixing our healthcare system. So, it astounds me that anyone in Washington can support his law. However, as I understand the situation, it will get funded. As long as the Dems can get this thing going, it won't be eliminated or stopped. Revised, yes. But, we will have socialized medicine in this country. And that's a bad thing.

Yesterday [Wednesday], Obama finally admitted that his Unaffordable Healthcare Act does raise taxes. Another lie admitted to. What is a government that totally lacks credibility?
[My wife] and I are on a bare bone BC/BS plan for about $400/mo. But it's gonna be terminated on Jan 1 2014 because of MugabeCare, and to this day I don't know what we're gonna replace it with. It's gonna be cancelled because it doesn't cover abortion and mammograms for me, and testosterone injections for [my wife].

It's a good thing MugabeCare doesn't mandate car insurances to cover oil changes and tire rotations... Yet.

I'll add to the calculus. My premium will go up 347% AND my deductible will increase by $1000.

In addition, does anyone realize the deduction for medical expenses must now be at least 10% of gross income instead of 7.5% currently?

We are being taxed to death...does that mean the death panels are already running the show? :-)
They're creating artificial scarcity.  They want the whole medical system to collapse financially so that it can be nationalized.

It's a government acting directly against its people's interest.