Thursday, September 26, 2013

For Vladimir V. Putin: Just FYI, my grandparents did not flee the United States for Russia

Michael Granoff responds — briefly — to Vladimir V. Putin's New York Times Op-Ed, “A Plea for Caution From Russia”:
For Vladimir V. Putin, just two thoughts:

Can I publish an opinion critical of you in Moscow’s most prominent daily? 

Just F.Y.I., my grandparents did not flee the United States for Russia. 

Tenafly, N.J., Sept. 12, 2013 

It is stunning that President Vladimir V. Putin has the audacity to write about freedom, democracy and equality. Mr. Putin is responsible for some of the most repressive antigay laws in the world. He has orchestrated mass arrests and crackdowns on ordinary protesters. 

While he may be attempting to come across as sensible on these issues, his record in Russia speaks volumes, and in this case taking what he says with a grain of salt would be generous. 

Washington, Sept. 12, 2013