Saturday, June 02, 2012

Check Out the Election Posters of France's Oddball Candidates, Including a Porn Star, a Creepy Ecologist, and a Hoodie-Wearing Rapper

France 24's Joseph Bamat takes a look at "the oddball candidates trying to spice up the race" for France's parliamentary elections (merci à Hervé), including a lunatic comedian, a James Bond fan, a stripper, a porn star ("Céline Bara, a professional pornography actress … proposes a full-frontal election programme" — "antitheism, communism, [and] libertarianism" along with… "pornocracy"), and a hoodie-wearing rapper, as well as a number of nutty environmentalists, among whom are a creepy ecologist and an Avatar enthusiast posing next to a blue-skinned Na'vi version of himself.

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