Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Causes of Fools

Lefty Britons (and other) who boycott and protest at the drop of a hat are mirroring the Nazis of yore, despite the over-use of the term or accusation of Nazism, especially when it comes to protesting the existence of Israel, the existence of Israelis themselves, and the like.

The weird mix of ignorance, detachment, and not being a real stakeholder in the actual issue of the protest, despite being pathetic, causes some strange behavior:
Corrupting Shakespeare into anti-Israel slogans was bad enough, but one speaker, in an outrageous display of anti-Semitism, wore a grotesque “Jewish nose” mask which he refused to remove when challenged.

The anti-Israel protestors attempted to disrupt the performance within the theatre as well, using tactics that had worked at the Albert Hall against the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (when the BBC was forced to stop a live broadcast).
Bear in mind that they come and disrupt ANYTHING that elicits their conditioned-response behavior. What makes it especially pathetic are their protests against collaborative “peace-building” efforts:
Shakespeare’s Globe theatre in London invited Habima to perform here in London as part of their “Globe to Globe” festival; 37 plays in 37 languages, including the Palestinian Ashtar company playing Richard II and Habima playing The Merchant of Venice (apposite, we suppose)!

Again, you would think the balance of both companies performing would be good enough, but, again, no.
Once again, it’s loony non-stakeholders acting out their strange, self-important attention seeking behavior unworthy of a heartbroken teenager:
The Globe had the courage to resist boycott calls by David Calder, Trevor Griffiths, Jonathan Miller, Emma Thompson and other British thespians in March this year and Habima has just played to a sell-out house.
Maybe these great acTORs can hold their little Gautag somewhere where people care – say, in Homs where the regime is so kindly and accepting to minority opinions, outsiders, and contrarians.

Calder was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.
Trevor Griffiths was born in Manchester, and raised as a Catholic.
Miller grew up in St John's Wood, London, England, in a well-connected Jewish family.
Emma Thompson was born in Paddington, London, England.

Each of them needs to get a dog to channel some of their emotions, and get used to dealing with living things on real terms instead of playing out this pandering Panto.