Friday, June 01, 2012

Black Helicopters and Doomsday Behaviour

It’s something seemingly accepting and forgiving Europeans aren’t bad at, and occasionally prove. To keep the mad mob of zombies they expect to see if the “Euro melts down”, the UK plans on putting up border controls. Austria’s Der Standard warns of a “new iron curtain” or “racist Apatheid wall”, to use the term they prefer to use with Arizona or Israel, walling the rest of the EU off from Greece. After all, the way things are going there, even Albania looks good.
We should first be clear what level of threat is used. In the event of a threat to public order "Neighboring countries" can secure themselves immediately for the first 30 days by sealing their borders and introduce document and physical checks again. This can be extended for another month, and then the EU Council of Ministers would probably decide on how to proceed.
And the stakeholders would probably ignore that the probably deciders probably decide.

So it’s „ Auswies, bitte ! ” and « tes papiers! » all over again, and as if it doesn’t say enough about the much touted accepting and forgiving nature of Europe, humanity’s ray of hope in an ugly paranoid world, it’s raised no hackles even among the terminally loony.
Unlike the much-debated exit from the eurozone [...], closing the borders with Greece wouldn’t be a problem for its partners.
Travelers should make sure they bring their own rubber gloves to offer the Grenztruppen to use on them.