Sunday, May 06, 2012

A Boeing, and not an Airbus, to Be Among Planes Flying François Hollande and His Team to Paris

Among the four aircraft taking president-elect François Hollande and his team from Corrèze's Brive airport to Paris is an American airplane, a Boeing 737, and not an Airbus (the three other planes are smaller Falcons).

Personally, Hollande and Valérie Trierweller boarded one of the Falcon 900s, but some people have been asking why the president-elect isn't taking a Mirage to arrive more quickly in Paris — where he is supposed to join the festivities on the Place de la République.

Meanwhile French socialists on TV shows are echoing Hollande's conviction that all around the EU, Europeans embattled by the EU's austerity measures are overjoyed that France elected a socialist president.

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