Saturday, May 12, 2012

Turns Out America's Demonized Militia System Is Not So Bad As It Is Adopted by the French on the Riviera

While the French excoriate Americans for their guns and for the crimes in their "uncivilized" society and for having something as uncouth as militias, men both young and old keep getting gunned down in places such as Marseille.

And now, even the French are starting to look at militias, in places such as the Riviera and in the Paris suburbs. (All the while, denying the French versions being "real" militias and waxing anxious about «balances» (informants — citizens warning the police about possible crimes are thought of as stool pigeons?!) while continuing to denigrate America's militia system as being the descendants of the South's slave patrols.) The money quote:
«Ce sont des citoyens vigilants et solidaires qui relèvent déjà le courrier de leurs voisins en vacances, ouvrent leurs volets le matin… On ne leur demande pas de faire de la délation, mais simplement de signaler aux forces de police, qui ne peuvent pas être partout, des faits inhabituels.»

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