Saturday, April 21, 2012

While France Goes Berserk Because of 1 Lone Member of the American Nazi Party, French Extremists Promise to Win Most Votes in Sunday's Election

Because a member of the American Nazi Party has become a lobbyist in Washington, according to Le Monde, this is the image that France's newspaper of reference is showing on its home page.
The map is actually the symbol of the American Nazi Party itself, but unless you click on the link provided by Le Monde, you would imagine that it is a "factual" symbol provided by the Le Monde reporters — as newspapers are wont to do…

In the meantime, Steven Erlanger, echoing John Vinocur and Nicola Clark, notes that
The first round of France’s presidential election takes place Sunday, and voters on the extremes, the far left and the far right, will play a significant role.

• A Miserable Precedent? In France's 1st Election Round, Extremism’s Total Promises to Beat Either Mainstream Candidate
• “The left longs for Mitterrand and the right longs for De Gaulle”: Extreme Parties Poised to Capture 30% of French Vote on Sunday

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