Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I’d Like you to Meet my Wife and Sister

While a European court upheld a German law keeping incest illegal might come as a shock to ‘Civil Rights’ types who like EUvian supersession in all things, it remains in the competence of the Member States to rule on.

From the weird, left-leaning Bild, titled “A Moral Crime”, exhibiting a surprising capacity to know what that is:
Incest can remain a punishable offence in Germany, the European Court of Human Rights ruled on Thursday. The German Green politician Christian Ströbele wants to make sex between siblings and other close relatives legal, using the argument of the right to sexual self-determination. The German tabloid Bild attacks the initiative, calling it perfidious: "When for example an 18-year-old girl sleeps with her brother or her father, is this really something she does of her own free will? Is it not always the consequence of emotional blackmail? And isn't 'free will' the vile argument always used by perpetrators as an excuse? 'She went along with it of her own free will' - these words are sickening! Incest is a moral crime because it is almost always associated with abuse and dependency! Therefore it's good that the EU judges have now decided: It is and remains illegal!"
Competence of state or mega-state courts aside, incest remains legal in France, and as you might expect, in the Netherlands, but not in West Virginia, as people fancy imagining.

The proponent of removing that “monumental barrier to free will” is none other than a creepy old man who came from the former East and represents “Green” Party, the one that came about on the pretext that it’s single most important remit is the Environment to the exclusion of everything else that doesn’t matter.

Don’t ask them about your free will when it comes to NOT recycling, driving a real car of any sort, GMOs, generating affordable energy, or using it for that matter... the “unfairness” of incest beingt unlawful must be one of those things that “was gesagt werden muss” that German leftists just can’t hold in.

Outside of the usual desire to promote perversion, I guess it’s their way of supporting Europe’s cultural heritage.

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