Saturday, April 07, 2012

Were we not Told that they are the Happiest People on Earth ?

Maybe they should call this a “happy riot”.
Aarhus police have detained a total of 82 people in connection with left-wing demonstrations in Denmark's second city.

Fifty left-wing activists were detained after refusing to leave an area near Mølleparken in Aarhus where some 200 Danish and international far right-wingers had been holding a demonstration.

Prior to that arrests were made when a large group of black-clad activists split off from a main anti-racism demonstration and attacked police in an attempt to reach the far right-wing demonstration.

“About 100 activists left the peaceful demonstration. In an attempt to get to the other demonstration at Mølleparken. They attacked police with cobblestones,” says Georg Husted of the East Jutland Police.
Elsewhere, Danish officials try to stop an arms race.

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