Thursday, April 05, 2012

Regarding the Trayvon Case, Le Monde Suggests America as a Place Where James Bonds with Licenses to Kill Run Around, Gunning Innocent People Down

With both feet, Le Monde jumps gaily into the Trayvon Martin racism scandal, stating on the front page that In overarmed America you are allowed to kill — suggesting cold-blooded 007s and other professional assassins running around with licenses to kill and gunning innocent people down. (Le Monde's title recalls the French translation of the James Bond movie License to Kill, i.e., Permis de Tuer, with Permis meaning License and Permission along with the adjectives Permitted and Allowed). Inside the paper, the title of the full-page article recalls the pre-war articles of civilized Western explorers in the land of the head-hunters or other primitive peoples — In the Land of Justifiable Homicides.

No, Le Monde, you are not "allowed to kill", you are allowed to defend yourself. (And guess what?! That goes for blacks as well!)

Yes, Le Monde, t'is true, when a homicide is the result of self-defense — even in France — it is considered justifiable. (Yes — that does go for blacks as well!)

Inside the artile, Philippe Bernard describes Trayvon Martin as a "high school student" and as a "teen-ager". When a teen (of whatever color) is banging your head against the pavement, then he is not one (at least temporarily) of the sympathetic characters of Hollywood's ubiquitous cute teen movies.
I have many more comments and many more quotes on this matter (some in French, others in English) at Le Monde Watch: Alors que Le Monde répète les accusations de racisme hystériques, de plus en plus de Noirs américains s'attaquent aux antiracistes professionnels
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