Friday, April 06, 2012

“Girl Power” at a Glance

As if a UN Committee would weep about this or any other incidence of Male Genital Mutilation or hear the BBC drone on and on about “MGM”.
The victim, 57, told police that he was working at his computer when Reber, pictured in the adjacent mug shot, “walked into his house uninvited,” according to a Muncie Police Department report that will make every guy wince. The man said Reber screamed at him to “call the fucking police” before launching her assault.

Reber, the victim told cops, first struck him repeatedly in the head before latching onto his scrotum and “squeezing as hard as she could.” The man, interviewed by police at a hospital emergency room, said that he “was in incredible pain when Reber grabbed his scrotum and began digging in her fingers.”
Please also note the unfortunate name of the hospital.

- Danke sehr to Herr Doktor Professor Arf

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