Friday, March 16, 2012

Wow. They’re Like So Freaking Enlightened

In the Netherlands, disposing of bodies seems to be emotionally more available to them than dispensing love.
The proposed bill "is a strong sign of the times," says De Volksrant in a leader article. It notes that this is "a pressing social issue,"
So much so, that they can’t wait to leave their mortal coil:
"The elderly are asking for the right to assisted suicide," says Dutch daily De Volksrant, as the parliament this Thursday discusses a bill presented through a citizens' initiative by an association called Uit Vrije Wil (“Their Free Will’”). The association supports the right to assisted suicide. In a four month period, Uit Vrije Wil gathered 120,000 signatures, including those of many political leaders, in support of a bill to allow assisted suicide for people over 70 years of age if they consider their lives as completed.
Europe... are you “done” yet?

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