Thursday, March 15, 2012

We Do All of This for the People. THOSE People. OUR People.

The left are in love with the idea that conservatives’ conversation puts them outside of the norm of the American mainstream. To neutralize this, they typically whip up class, gender, and race warfare of some form that they think they can manage, and attempt to pick up enough electoral pieces that fall to take power.

How wrong they are. Scott Locklin fleshes it out:
On the rare occasion when Democrats attempt to communicate with their white Neanderthal brethren, it is broadcast on a carrier wave of pure condescension. The left has a sort of collective Tourette syndrome involving frequent mention of sexism, racism, and gay rights. These subjects are meaningless to hourly laborers who lack the leisure time to nurse nihilistic resentments against Western Civilization.

The corporate oligarchs and neocon goons who control the Republican Party obviously have financial and political interests which are not aligned with those of the white working classes. But they also do not demonize or condescend to peckerwoods who drive pickups and go fishing. It isn’t that Republican ideas are great for the lunchpailetariat or anyone else, but their lack of seething hostility makes them preferable to Democrats.
There are no angels, but there are certainly more demons in trying to dupe the working man into believing that fake issues such as Gay Marriage, Global Warming, open borders (which costs the working class jobs and lowers their wages), forcing medical insurance companies to cover the contraceptive pill at no additional cost, and the like.

It’s agitprop – plain, old fashioned agitprop thrown out there in the hope that anger at the shlebobbeth can be raised, and the public’s mean IQ lowered. Anger, you see is politically useful to those who assure themselves that the large part of the public (the one with whom they don’t really know personally,) is less intelligent that they are, and certainly less wise. It’s purpose is to buy as much power without yet spending money to do it, something they do later to try to seal the deal for life.

The morphine the left gives itself in all of this is that they are “taking care of people” whom they think can’t make decent choices for themselves. Those choices being the ones that the “Gauche Caviar” would make themselves, because, after all. in a society as diverse as this, we should all think in ways that their prejudices would anticipate.
Lefties should only be confused about the white proles who still vote for them. The left’s “Why don’t you loooove me anymore?” routine with the white working class reminds me of a friend’s crazy-ex-girlfriend story. She cheated on him, lit his car on fire, and gave him the clap. She used to get drunk and scream into his answering machine at 4AM. Then she wondered why he never called back.
Same thing. The simple fact is that for the left, hating happy, normal people makes them feel smart. What’s hilarious about it is that in large part they think the people they actually hate aren’t intelligent enough to tell. They’re confounded because the class analysis and philosophical materialism that they are practicing without identifying it to themselves, just doesn’t work that well on Americans.

I bowl in a league. The people I bowl with can tell. They know who the bullies, elitists and snobs really are, and they don’t especially like them being in charge of their children’s schools, their local governments, their sources of news, or running their country. They just don’t, despite the fact that it confounds the left of our polite, tasteful, better-knowing elite.

In reality, that polite, tasteful, better knowing elite are only human and a lot more like the rest of civilization in ways that they don’t care to think. They are simple political goons trying to talk their way into permanent power, and once again, the salt of the earth will get in their way.

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