Monday, March 12, 2012

Another Reason to Say: “Atomkraft, ja Bitte!”

In Europe they actually call this wierd emotive crap business writing:
The worst-possible scenario for the "Atlantic elites" is that Germany hands itself over to Russian dominance in return for a few barrels of oil, tons of coal and shipments of gas: in fact about 80 billion euro-per-year of Russian energy imports. With that dominance, the scare scenario continues, Putin will use his German bridgehead to push the USA out of Europe, along with its small-size British running dogs, and achieve what Stalin was never able to do. Germany can get its revenge for its defeat in 1945, against the Allies of the time which included the USSR, while Putin's Russia gets its revenge for the 1989 collapse of the Soviet Union, its loss of East Germany, and other satellites in Europe.
I challenge you to find any single assertion that makes sense in a discussion of the European natural gas market. Nonetheless the facts behind all of these political S&M fantasies are all right there, despite the “British running dog” and “Jankee Raus” themed Russo-German matching towels:
E.On and other major German electricity companies with close relations to Russia, starting with RWE, are critical to all three of Germany's major political parties - the Socialists, Christian Democrats and Greens. Whatever additional profits they get from using Russian gas - exporting it to other buyers, converting it to electricity or chemical products - means more coporate revenues and more jobs for Germans. And more contributions to the funds of German political parties.
And they kept saying that their subsidized PV panels and windmills were supposed to make this kind of pathetic blubbering unnecessary!

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