Monday, October 17, 2011

Facts too Politically Incorrect to Repeat

They always seemed Syphilitic to me, but apparently the Swiss are looking at an outbreak of the age-old gift that keeps on giving. Buried in the mix is something that goes shunned from speech when it isn’t politically useful: gay men who make up roughly 1 to 1-1/2% of the population have half of all of those cases.

This is bad on two levels. First off is that the efforts to make myths of facts, combat stereotypes, and the like, doesn’t leave those at risk very well informed for something as stupid as identity politics. The other is that it preserves delusions among the rest of the population who in the face of muted information, either over-estimates the risk of straight sex, and not realizing how broadly VD spreads among gays, doesn’t feel compelled to do much for them.

Either way, identity politics is more about the people slinging narratives than the people being “protected” by the political gamers’ efforts.

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