Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jurassic Marx

True to form, some Europeans are mortified that the real economic crisis will take oxygen away from their fake crisis.

The big problem is, of course, that Europe is not facing ONE emergency crisis but TWO interrelated and re-enforcing crises which both have their root cause in the fact that we have been living above our means. Our inherently growth-dependent casino economy has been based on financial debt (cheap money) and ecological debt (free ecosystem services and cheap oil). Now that we are witnessing the geopolitical shift to the emerging economies which want our way of life and our “wealth”, we have reached the limits of debt and the limits of growth. We have entered a fundamentally different world. From the rich and ivory towers of Brussels it seems hard to recognise that this transition to a post-growth, post-carbon economy needs a new Europe.
Affordable energy to fuel employment growth! How vile! Who are the louts who thought thatup?

And here I thought the “real” problem was still affluenza... Where did that feigned horror go? Nowhere! The anger and phoney resentment will never really notice that this contagion is the result of the soothing strokes of the velvet-gloved fist of the state collectively trying to #OccupyYourAnus in order to pretend that they can seem generous at the expense of the hardworking and productive.

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