Friday, October 21, 2011

Picture Friedman in a Cheerleader’s Outfit

Because that’s what he’s doing for the economically illiterate teen-Marxists from his perch at the NYT:

When you see spontaneous social protests erupting from Tunisia to Tel Aviv to Wall Street, it’s clear that something is happening globally that needs defining. There are two unified theories out there that intrigue me. One says this is the start of “The Great Disruption.” The other says that this is all part of “The Big Shift.”
Whatever you say, Tom, but there is nothing new about some people threatening society to try to get something for nothing. They aren’t demanding ‘justice’. In fact they’ve been programmed to believe that justice has nothing to do with equal treatment under the law, but rather means transferring resources to those who neither earned it nor need it.

You also miss the fact that the United States is not Tunisia. The Kamp Marx-Engels Kidz have had more aid in the form of food stamps, freebies, and support than any people on earth outside of the Palestinian Authority. The ones that were marginally employable or employed have had the privelege of having access to 99 weeks of unemployment compensation at the expense of the 53% of the population that pay taxes, not their caricatures of “the 1% or the 99%”.

Pandering to an absurd form of equivalency that includes the poor and unemployed put on par with people who carry certain political opinions (such as environmentalists), Friedman carries on with his surrealism-based-community led nonsense:
This particular round of protests may build or may not, but what will not go away is the broad coalition of those to whom the system lied and who have now woken up. It’s not just the environmentalists, or the poor, or the unemployed.
The United States has the most progressive tax system of any real economy on earth, and yet to a boffin at the NYT, this puts us on par with politically repressed north Africans afflicted with hyperinflation.

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