Friday, January 21, 2011

The Humanistic, Harm Limiting, “Swedish Way”

Gosh... he might lose his license ?!?

The victim first sought treatment for depression and burn out

[ ... ]

He suggested the woman engage in "touch therapy" as a way to help her get in touch with repressed memories of past sexual abuse, going so far as to propose having sex with her to help her reminiscence.

[ ... ]

When she then said she had a boyfriend, the doctor became angry with her, prompting her to question the value of the therapy sessions.
This, from the land that thought that social slackness would get rid of problems like this. It turns out that what you end up with is a bunch of wierd old pervs who look vaguely like a drug-addled evil twin of Captain Kangaroo... Why people admire their social policies is beyond me.

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