Thursday, January 20, 2011

From a Bunch of Idiots Who Have Done Nothing to Secure their own, or Anyone else’s “Peace”

Van Rompuy: Europe is 'Fatherland of peace'
Seriously? Even with all the arms peddling to people you’re supposed to have sanctions with?

WHOSE peace? Europeans can’t even take credit for their OWN peace, even during the collapse of Marxist-Leninist-Authoritarianism.
"The union's force of attraction accelerated the collapse of Communism and the end of the Cold War. That is a victory," he continued. "Europe is the best guarantee for peace. It was and is a work of peace. That's why I am so strongly in favour of a European perspective for the western Balkans, the last remnant of the Cold War and the last place where a war was waged."
The decade-long gap between the fall of the Berlin wall, and the establishment of the Euro, the first evidence of the EU project to the general public of any significance, of course, goes unexplained.

The EU in 1989 was not even a glimmer in Dr. Strangelove’s eye. In fact, it was rather the other way around: the collapse of Communism ENABLED the peace which allowed for never-ending “we’ll be ready someday” EU construction to really start.

And as for that peace in the Balkans? The EU, and in general the European side of NATO had no interest in initiating any peacemaking or peacekeeping of any seriousness in their own back yard.
"Europe has to be the fatherland of peace. We owe this to our history ... The bloody battlefields from our history have been replaced by Brussels negotiating rooms," he added.
Which is hilarious, because it never has been, and still isn’t. In fact it’s the Fatherland of the movements and ideas (i.e. the fatherland, not to mention Marxist-Leninist-Authoritarianism, Apathy-Socialism, Eugenics, and the like) in which Peace was the last thing on their minds.

Jerk-off... Does he have any idea how many outsiders died for the sake of the “peace” that Europeans claim to have some kind of monopoly on? Grow up.

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