Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Europe’s 128th Foregone Chance to be Taken Seriously Comes and Goes

The vapidity of the EU and its’ member states comes into focus very clearly when mortal risks of any sort are at hand:

The threat of a fresh and potentially contagious Middle East conflict has sharply increased after the collapse of the Lebanese government. But EU structures can do little to influence the situation.
Wring your hands! That’ll surely save you!
Another Israeli source counselled the EU not to appease Hezbollah in the name of stability: "If the EU wants to be taken seriously when it talks about support for democracy and fundamental values, siding with Hezbollah for the sake of realpolitik is not an option."
Something the EU only seems nominally interested in. I suppose the “being taken seriously” part matters more to them than the human outcome, but I doubt either is enough of a motivator to them, in any event.
EU countries Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain also have personnel in Unifil, the 13,000-man-and-woman-strong UN peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon.
Something that they have been doing, (really just pandering to them,) in the interest of “human rights”, despite the fact that:
The UN force has little credibility in Israel in terms of providing hard security, however. Unifil has in the recent past failed to stop Hezbollah fighters from launching small-scale strikes on Israeli patrols south of the Lebanese border.
Idiots. As you well know, their munificence comes in many forms, though. It’s largely self-referential and assumes that they have a greater role in the world than they really have. Sometimes, it boils down to trying even to convince themselves that they take on some sort of role in their own affairs too.

I.E.: an article entitled...
Give Ben Ali the Lukashenko treatment
forgets that...
EU bows to Europe’s last dictator
Elsewhere “solidarity”, “concern”, possibly some day to be raised to “deep concern”...

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