Monday, January 17, 2011

The “Counterculture” and Those who Use it Politically have Blood on Their Hands

It's plain to see.

Jared Lee Loughner was mad, but to say that his motives weren't formed and directed by the ideology that he fed himself is evasive. To say that you can't draw a bead between the fuel that stoked the fire and the action is missing the fact that explosions need a catalyst and an accellarant. He weened his anger at society and authority with the conspiracy theories and unreal preoccupations of what can only charitably be called the fringe culture of reality-denial: Alex Jones, 9-11-as-an-inside-job, “Zionist Occupation Government”, kookie ideas about monetism, and the like.

In short, these are the notions that the George-Bush hating left, and Europeans in general, have either fed themselves to feel superior, or otherwise possessed with a greater wisdom than what they feel is an inferior and ignorant population, or let run because it was politically useful, despite attempts now to rewite the script for their political favor.

By letting themselves and other believe without challenge in these idiocies, meant solely to stoke as much bloodthirst as possible for removing the opponents of the left in office, and for “smashing the state”, or “revolutionary change to the system”, THEY are plainly at fault for the catalyst that caused Loughner to shoot innocents en masse.

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