Friday, November 12, 2010

Yes, Lefty, Militant Gay Bashing is more Important than ‘the Bee Crisis’

Another potential large scale mugging by reality may well be on its’ way: since the majority of gays in the Netherlands are supporting the PVV, where will the “big-tent” supposed protectors of that group be on the fact that they see those most likely to attack them as also being a (specially useful) victim-group?

Klein Verzet

Personally I'd say that isn't so much the "youths with an ethnic minority background" as the extreme coddling of those yoof by political parties, mostly on the left, who fly gay rights high in their rethoric, but fail to act accordingly. Action. Louder. Words. Or some such...
Or some such. How about the fact that the nodding muddle-brained twits have been crash-testing civilization for decades, and don’t really care who among their supporters or political opponents they’ve hit?

This, my friends, is how the left make people back into the Classical Liberals who champion individual rights that their idealism compelled them to be.

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