Saturday, November 13, 2010

Can Bush Redeem Himself?

While the French spit'n'sputter at the gall of George W Bush to wish to defend his record in the White House, France 24 hosts a debate
As George W Bush breaks a two-year silence since leaving the White House to plug “Decision Points”, can the former U-S president make something of a political comeback with his memoirs? The France 24 Debate looks at the book and the man with guests that include a member of Republicans abroad and Radio France International's former Washington bureau chief.

A debate with François Picard and guests:

• Marjorie PAILLON, Founder of
• Stuart HAUGEN, Former Vice-president of Republicans Abroad France
• Donaig LE DU, Former Washington Bureau chief for Radio France International RFI

Programme prepared by Charlotte Oberti and Perrine Desplats

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