Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The McDonald's-French love affair: U.S. chain's 2nd-Largest Market Is France

France is now the second-biggest market for McDonald's
"Few companies have resisted the global recession like the fast-food chains," said Nicolas Herpin, a French sociologist studying consumption. "In France, people who never came to McDonald's before are now customers."

The American fast-food icon's success in France runs counter to pop-culture images of French "cuisine," and French demonstrators have attacked the Golden Arches as symbols of American-style capitalism.

Mr. Herpin said he thinks McDonald's has appeal in a country known for its love of good food because of its affordable prices and convenient service.

"The French used to come to cafes between meals to eat a hard-boiled egg. Now they eat a sandwich at McDonald's," he said.

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