Monday, February 01, 2010

I Swear! We were just Balancing their Humours!

Funny how the normally enraged, all feverishly sweaty from rumor-laden accusations of Israel organ theft in Gaza, an old European blood-libel schtick that never seems to go away, are not even taking notice of involuntary Organ harvesting in Europe.

Marty is investigating claims that former KLA members were involved with the trafficking of organs harvested from imprisoned Serbs during the Kosovo conflict in 1999.

Marty’s visit is “secret and his agenda was not publicized”, reports say.

Also in Priština, EULEX spokesman Christophe Lamfalussy confirmed that Marty is in Kosovo and that we will be meeting with EULEX officials and officials of other organizations.
Will all KLA members who are non-muslims, or don’t go into a fit of mindless rage when they hear the word “Zion” please raised your hand. Anyone? Bueller?

The Council of Europe has sent Swiss investigative super gumshoe Dick “Dick” Marty to Kosovo in secret in the interest of transparency, and with no PR concerns.

After all, only the great Satan and the little Satan could possibly ever be involved in organ harvesting.

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