Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Racism Redux: Obama's Election Proves That Racism Is… STILL in Existence in the U.S. (And It Is Explosive!)

Philippe Bernard's full-page interview with a Harvard law professor (Randall Kennedy is — at least, according to Le Monde — "one of the most respected analysts on racial questions in the United States") brings the startling information that it turns out that the very fact that an African-American was elected president is proof that America is racist! (And indeed, the racial issue in America is "explosive"!)
Obama a-t-il permis l'émergence d'une "Amérique postraciale" ?

Bien sûr que non ! Pourquoi les gens ont-ils pleuré lorsque Obama a été élu ? La couleur de sa peau n'y était-elle pour rien ? Bien sûr que si ! Pourquoi le moment était-il si merveilleux ? Parce que beaucoup de gens pensaient qu'ils ne verraient jamais le jour où des Blancs voteraient pour un Noir. Si l'Amérique était postraciale, vous n'auriez jamais vu ça ! La race reste centrale dans la vie quotidienne des Américains. L'amitié, le mariage, les loisirs, le logement : rien n'y échappe.

"Why did people cry when Obama was elected?" Kennedy asks. "Why was that moment so marvelous? Because many people thought they would never see the day when whites would vote for a black man."

So that proves that America is not racist, right? Right?! Wrong! No, it proves America is racist, because if America were post-racial, we would never have seen those people shedding those tears!

You can't win; I'm telling you, with those people, you can't win…

(And I predicted as much back in October 2008…)

Update: By the way, who are these Europeans who are trying to give lessons on racism to clueless Americans?

Another update: Tip of le chapeau to Monsieur Reynolds (and while you're here, check out our in-depth dissection of each of the Daily Kos poll's questions that purportedly "proves" the racism, the cluelessness, etc, of American conservatives)…

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