Thursday, October 01, 2009

Plantu Uses the Death of Michael Jackson to Castigate… the U.S. Army (?!)

Newspaper headline: Tragedy in the United States
American soldier: It's horrible! I must go home!
Michael Jackson's death was another opportunity for Le Monde's Plantu to make caricatural, derogatory remarks about Americans and the U.S. Army.

Well, of course: forget about the horrors of the Saddam Hussein years, forget about Saddam's killing fields (forget, especially, about Saddam's foreign abettors, Monsieur Plantu), forget about all the rebuilding done thanks to the army of the United States, forget how far Iraq has come, and (last but not least) make a caricature of the situation in Iraq, where all is — still — nothing but desolation, all of which is — bien sûr — the lone fault of the United States army and America itself…

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