Monday, September 28, 2009

Euro-Doofus Alert

Plan 9 from Outer Space meets the unintentionally absurd German hobbyist.

Der Indianer: Why do 40,000 Germans spend their weekends dressed as Native Americans?
Because too many of them live vapid little lives, take something up as a hobby, eventually think it “spiritually fulfilling” (as opposed to the bad, condescending mimicry that it is,) and seem extremely weird as a result. I.E.: believe in nothing, and you will believe anything, especially if it doesn’t involve any sort of serious personal examination.

Carmen Kwasny, who chairs the Native American Association of Germany, is convinced that Germans’ fascination with der Indianer comes from a lack of interaction with the natural environment in the country’s increasingly crowded, industrial cities. Kwasny grew up in Bavaria in an area surrounded by towers and factories; she remembers longing for an intimate connection to nature. “People in Germany are looking for some closeness, a new religion, new way of thinking,” she says. “The conflict is they have to find out that Native Americans are just people.”
As if this was an actual issue... What WOULD we do without our sophisticated cousins?

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