Sunday, September 27, 2009

Exterminating Humanity by Discouraging one Breeder at a Time

Adloyada makes note of something that has ALWAYS cracked me up – the naïve and awkward way that the BBC parrots whatever political Agitprop is available to them, which they then dramatize in such childish fashion that the only people who take it at face value are the very thoroughly programmed whom even the left don’t trust to think for themselves without continuous reinforcement.

This hilarious bit of tendenz literatur was read aloud, complete with the bit where nice, liberal Mr Jones transformed the homophobia of his wife, grumpy Mrs Jones, to the gay male couple with daughter living next door by the simple expedient of explaining to her that he had once loved a man, but decided that he loved her better and married her. Don't try that one at home, folks.
Clearly, they aren’t content to let society take its’ course, and that it must be conditioned and engineered away from what they must suspect are inborn tendencies to not act in favor of their social visions. Misguided as it is, it’s deeply stupid to say that if nature “created them as they are” that that same thing must also be fought and contained through humiliation and conditioning. The subtext is, of course, that social conditioning into a philosophical view that defies procreation is rather quite necessary for them to make the claim that it’s as natural as anything else, and that somehow heterosexuality is learned behavior.

The idiocy of all of it is rife. Among the population of the western world, hardly a soul or a crank “opposed” the rights for gays to exist. So the question is why the social warfare? Why the paranoia and driving need to restructure social thought? Why in a free society, is there some need to define outcomes with such a deep neglect for the fundamentals of freedom, such as the right to be disagreed with?

I suspect that the identity-related undercurrent, that one that rationalizes the bypassing of accepting the speech of others is not unlike the vulgar nature of the respect that the servile have for dictatorial leadership. It’s the only, slightly less-cold cold comfort that there is to the fear of a society trying to control the individual. The “proletarian” is supposed to take the leader whole, in a way greater than that of faith for god or the self-definition of the citizen’s ideas, with who the leader is afraid to have to compete with.

You almost wonder if they have conceived (no pun intended) of any use of non-homosexuals, other than provide them with fresh meat and new children to traumatize in early adolescence. However in Britain, one could not even joke about this with anyone for fear of the screeching of the thin skinned who have no tolerance for the freedom of conscience. Much to the joy of that sort of social autocracy, we, the vile unwashed masses will be found begging that we’re more than just walking protein.

That the apparent majority of people in sexual minorities deflect away from Classical Liberalism in favor of state enforced social controls is something I find not so much a reflection of the stupidity of its’ advocates, but a sort of weakness for, and inability to challenge the behavioral conditioning that was imposed on them. How is it that people can’t see that they are better off and FREER without the overbearing campaigning?
She proclaimed that the opposition to the circulation of propaganda books about happy gay male couples bringing up daughters represented anxiety that if knowledge of gayness as a valid lifestyle became widespread, it would threaten the continuation of capitalism.....
As if there was EVER ONE non-capitalist society anywhere in the history of humanity that left homosexuals unabused. Taking autocracy in the form of Communism at face value, no doubt, Davina Cooper whom Adloyada cites must surely have never seem it in action, or noticed that its’ motives were to construct conformity from the social level down to the very personal level, presumably in the interest of the rest of the zombies inhabiting their Marxist-Leninist, or even Maoist dream-world that is appealing to those who would suffer under it as a tool of social control over others.

The ignorance is implausible.

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