Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It’s only Called Rendition when Americans do it

"Conditions ... generally qualify as inhuman and degrading," the report says.
"One member state is going out and openly violating international law by intercepting migrants and maybe many refugees, sending them off to undergo degrading treatment, giving them no opportunity to seek asylum," Bill Frelick, author of the report, told EUobserver.
But it’s rendition on a much larger scale, of course.
Purpose? Moolah.
And oil.
The EU remains keen on enhancing ties with Libya despite its poor treatment of the scores of African migrants intercepted and sent back by Italy, a report by Human Rights Watch reads.

A 92-page Human Rights Watch report, released on Monday (21 September) as EU justice ministers were gathering in Brussels for their monthly meeting, with immigration high on the agenda, examines what it describes as the "brutal" treatment of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in Libya through the eyes of those who have managed to leave and are currently in Italy and Malta.
Elsewhere, the Canadian government is tired of EUvians disposing of those dependants on the state at their border. Purpose? Moolah.
And the tacit belief integral to the European outlook that holds that some people are human trash.
The EU commissioner for justice and home affairs, Jacques Barrot, has warned Canada it could face "retaliatory measures" if it does not scrap the visa obligation imposed on Czech citizens by the end of the year.

Ottawa abolished visas for Czechs in 2007, but re-introduced them in July after hundreds of Roma from the central-European country applied for asylum in Canada, citing discrimination in their home country.
The Canadian move just serves as a reminder that the EU’s lectures about other people’s humanity are about as welcome as the way they treat the Roma.

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