Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Left’s Frotteur with Totalitarianism Continues

Tacit new friends of O!: a clutch of dictators at their Alba summit in 2008: Ralph Gonsalves of St Vincent, Evo Morales of Bolivia, Cuba's Raoul Castro, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Roosevelt Skerit of Dominica, Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega, Manuel Zelaya, Honduras, and Rafael Correa Ecuador.

Forget what they say, watch what they do, so the saying goes. By virtue of actions and political alignments, Obama is now an ally of sorts of Hugo Chávez, Daniel Ortega, and Evo Morales who operate in a vapid intellectual environment where the demonization of ideas, anti-intellectualism, coups, and open chicanery are what the public dialog has devolved to.
CNN (Español) using Zelaya imposter

As crazy as this may sound, CNN is using feeds from Hugo Chávez's Telesur network. Telesur have stooped to using a Zelaya impostor in a supposed phone-in interview with the Telesur reporter.

There is no question that it is not Zelaya and I am shocked that the announcers on CNN in Atlanta, who have talked to him so many times do not recognize that. The man has a Venezuelan accent according to El Jefe and sounds nothing like Mel Zelaya.
But for the grace of God, it’s where the west is going, and it’s going to that thuggish sort of society not by laziness, but by willful action in support of some strange collection of leftist truisms that is supposed to be some sort of social model. We are lead to believe it’s some kind of Social Democracy that they’re after, but all evidence of their actions show that what they seem to prefer is Communist style social control of the population with ineffective social institutions to complement it – a sort of failed version of the new Chinese “Socialism with Chinese characteristics”, except with Latin American style charismatic strongman leadership, and Barak Obama seems unable to see nothing wrong with it.

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