Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Foreign Policy, as if it were Dictated by ‘Politically Aware’ Junior High Kids

The Commander in Chief is a buffoon.

If Richard Nixon had been impeached and convicted for Watergate, and then refused to leave office, until being forced out by the military, would that have been a “military coup”? Of course not. But Obama and many in the press are taking essentially that position in demanding the reinstatement of Honduras’s would-be dictator.
The WH’s handling of the Hondurans’ legal removal of their own president is laughable. They either don’t have anyone at state actually watching what’s going on, someone ignoring communications from the Embassy, or they just have a thing for leftist strongmen. Then again, maybe it’s all just aspritational, and they need to hold to this course of action to head off any future accusations of inconsistency.
Now, Obama, who knows nothing about Honduran law, is ignorantly claiming that Zelaya's removal was "illegal," and demanding that Zelaya be reinstated as president. His demand is joined in by the Organization of American States, many of whose leaders, like Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, have either violated their own countries' constitutions, or likewise seek to eliminate term limits contained in their own countries' constitutions. ("A senior Obama administration official said the United States would probably move to suspend economic development and military assistance" to Honduras, one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere).
Sheez-o-peak! Give peace a chance, will ya man? I mean I know it’s all about not trying to look like you’re siding with dictators, but do you have to side with dictators to try to prove that whole ‘image thing”?

Besides, what would THAT victory lap look like? Will the entertainment at the hand-shaking ceremony with Chavez, Daniel Ortega, and aging Cuban Milli Vanilli cover act, the Castro boys, be a couple of public hanging and a parade of Chinese discount missile launchers?

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