Friday, July 10, 2009

Face it. You are What you Bleat.

Georges Lane blogging on Le Forum Libre reports on the European left’s high level of sophistication, concern for the public well being, and thoughtfulness.

On 29 May, a well-organized leftist “commando” ransacking the conference hall of the Hotel Pestalozzi in Lugano in front of a shocked staff. The objective (successful): was to prevent a conference on pension reform organized by the Ticinese Liberisti with Ignazio Cassis and Jose Piñera. The Liberisti had received threats from communist and socialist groups before the conference. Gabriele Lafranchi, organizer of the conference, does not expect that the "red fascists" to get away with their violent action. The thugs have been identified.
As if calling people who trash property to make sure no-one they disagree will has a venue a ‘commando’ wasn’t funny enough, Lane goes on to explain why:
Jose Piñera, the guest speaker, is the pioneer of a pension scheme that allows "proletarians of the world" to access capital ... something that genuinely consigns the rhetoric of "class struggle" to the dustbin of history!

The leftists do have never forgiven him."
Because the the far left, a closed mind that you can claim is more open that anyone elses’, and open wound that never heals is more politically useful than actually putting some class in class struggle, and actually redistributing the wealth for real.

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