Monday, July 06, 2009

It is finally a reality

Where the hell is U*2 to enjoy it?!

France on Monday unveiled a list of state-owned stakes in companies, worth 14 billion euros, that will be transferred to the government's strategic investment fund.

Sarkozy, a long-standing advocate of government intervention to support domestic industry where necessary, said the fund would allow the state to protect companies weakened by the financial crsis from foreign "predators".

The government will also transfer 20 stakes in listed companies held by state bank Caisse des Depots.

These are: Accor, L'Air Liquide, Alcatel-Lucent, Altran Technologies, Assystem, Danone, Eiffage, Eutelsat Communications, Imerys, Lagardere SCA, Nexity, Schneider Electric, Seche Environnement, Sodexo, Technip, Ubisoft Entertainment, Valeo, Vallourec, Vivendi, Zodiac Aerospace.
Strategic yogurt production is finally a reality. Félicitations U*2, you have been waiting for years!

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