Saturday, July 11, 2009

Because they’re Uniters not Dividers, I Guess

Today, Vancouver Women's Health Collective have opened Lu's: A Pharmacy for Women. This will be the first women-run and women-only pharmacy in North America.
Remember: exclusionary behavior in accommodations of any sort is perfectly okay when you are a mindless stinking leftist zombie. Otherwise, they will smash your ‘little club’ or your economy, or get all ‘revolutionary’ on you or something, so long as it’s subsidized and a there’s a grant in it for them.

These gullible, insular fools seem to have intentionally ignored the horrors that decades of Marxism, that stuff that they underhandedly promote with a rather more Trotskyite spirit than ol’ Vlad and Uncle Joe ever did.

Now if they still don’t seem pathetically two-dimensional enough to you, they seem to also have a simplistic affection for the heroic naming of things too as proof for the cause.
The pharmacy was named after longtime volunteer Lucette Hansen, who is 85. Heart-warming happy feelings? Check!
Tedious lack of depth? Check. Autonomic reaction to reinforcement? Check, there too! It’s how a blogger ends up with more “ists” that she professes to than anything I’ve seen looking at history. What she doesn’t seem to have is any of the grounding that real revolutionaries have: namely some connection, no matter how false or tenuously they are sold as, which is a real job, or at least SOME sort of link to some real or productive connection to economic society, that thing that informs much of human behavior and feeds all of us. Instead we have a freelance writer who is likely getting work by networking like-minded people living off of the grant and foundation racket, after having had enough of a heroic looking make-work past to make that acid-test compliant CV possible.

What’s telling is why she thinks it a ‘feel good’ story: it’s no different than however many class-warfare arguments and the empty political tribalism that it reinforces repeated over the decades. It lulls people into accepting uncritically why exclusions and exceptionalism is okay when it strokes their own egos. As with cults and past leftist revolutionary movements, the conditioning starts with the paranoid belief that certain types of people in the world are after you, that they are all-powerful, and that any violation of your own beliefs in the combat against them is acceptable. It requires an exclusionary code of behavior, a sort of uniform, and other reinforcement tools no different that the jihadists’ head scarf or beard, or the fascists’ brown shirt.
The regime's most widely used tools of uniformization are the hijab
for women and the beard for men-both props in a campaign of visual terrorism, designed to frighten opponents and enforce conformity.

-The Persian Night: Iran under the
Khomeinist Revolution (Amir Taheri)

Which is a fetish no different than those employed here: hemp wear, fair trade this and that, and the other mainstays of the domestic revolution. An initiation on the cheap, the intention is to force on the believers a physical act committing them a little more greatly in their devotion, and being able to identify the others living in the same mental bunker and politicized social sect that you are. Ah, but how that exclusion and isolation makes them feel good.

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