Monday, October 13, 2008

Spanish Foreign Minister Sees Syria as Home

Probably because it's a backwater and a cruel and retrograde dictatorship.
In an interview, Moratinos told Syrian TV: "Were it not for Syria's positive and helpful participation, the Doha Agreement and the steps that followed it would never have been achieved... Europe recognizes Syria's status and role, and that is why we are now seeing so many European foreign ministers lining up to visit Syria. As a matter of fact, all E.U. member states have good and positive relations with Syria."

On Spain's relations with Syria, Moratinos said: "There is nothing to prevent [us] from developing these relations, especially in this new era... In 2010, Spain will assume the E.U. presidency, and we must strengthen the strategic relations between Spain and Syria and include Syria in the E.U. framework. We share a long history and a rich culture, and there are many [potential] areas for cooperation between Spain and Syria
Maybe this is more of that "telling people whatever they want to hear... maybe it's a sort of desperate latent desire to become a superpower for no particular reason, having had no particular role - especially in the making of any sort of just and durable peace for anyone, anywhere.

Maybe we can call this the Spanish fastasy pole.
"The unipolar world [order] has come to an end, as I have noticed in all my diplomatic activities. I have seen that countries and regions [now] shape their fate by themselves, without having to receive permission from Brussels, Washington or any other capital. This is a good [development], and its impact on the world will be a positive one."
Oddly enough, in this case the appeal comes at the expense of the Lebanese and Israelis - two societies that actually DO share a value systemn that resembles those of the Europeans... but what does THAT matter when you're pandering to an audience?

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