Monday, October 13, 2008

Quagmire in Gaza

Same difference, and it probably took place between long-winded lectures about American lawlessness or maybe America being a ‘police state’ or something:

A police crew was caught in a real ambush yesterday around 4 pm on Rue Vestrepain in Toulouse. The patrol car was targeted by a about 40 individuals who hid their faces and threw projectiles at police: stones, cans and whatever they had on hand. To escape police used flash-ball rounds [ed.: a non-lethal weapon] on as well as tear gas. The policemen managed to leave the area without being hurt. None of the attackers has been arrested despite the arrival of reinforcements.
Otherwise there are sock-puppet Euro-intellectual types who are willing to crane their necks far enough to call a dump like that ‘a treasure’ – up until the moment they get treated like the Samoan in Pulp Fiction.

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