Sunday, October 12, 2008

Reds 2.0

Not to be out-done by those hacks at the Guardian, Ellen Barry of the IHT lays it on thick in beatifying the previous death throes of that loving, caring, and simpler communal form of existence, the Soviet:

Their faces registered grief: They had lost Russia. They were dying off themselves. On the sidewalk, Valentina Ivanova, 56, was wiping away tears. "We once were a great country," she said. "Now we are divided into the rich and the poor."

They were poor, the people marching in front of us. The posters read, "No more increase in the price of food!" and "Revolution will return!" and "Capitalism = Death." Igor Mishenev, marching at the end of the procession, described Russia's post-Soviet history as a long heartbreak: The life expectancy for men is 59; the birth rate is half what it was in the late 1980s.

A small portion may have become wealthy, he said, but millions suffer. "All our slogans," he said. "They all came true."
Oddly enough, no mention of the gulag, mass famine, Red Terror, or millions dead can be found in the article. Then again, that really isn't the point now is it?

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