Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Note to John McCain:
Barack Obama = Jane Fonda

What is it about leftist politics that you don't understand, John McCain? You who defend Barack Obama as a good family man who would make a terrific president

Listen, if you haven't understood yet, this ain't officers' promotion roll, where in general, one officer's promotion to higher rank over another is, in the long run (and beyond the losing officer's entirely personal disappointment), no big deal. If you haven't understood yet, Barack Obama is, or is equivalent to, Jane Fonda. (Yes, that Jane Fonda.)

How do you think that, say (just to pick an example out of thin air), the prisoners of Hanoi Hilton would have fared had Richard Nixon run against Jane Fonda in 1968, had Nixon said that Henry Fonda's daughter had family values second to none and would make a terrific president, and had Jane won the elections of 1968 (and 1972)?

That may be stretching the truth a little bit, some might say, but certainly it is hard to say that Barack's friends and entourage are different from Jane's — unless you take into account that Obama's have a lot more power.

And as far as friends (and buddies and colleagues) are concerned, John McCain, it's time you stopped looking at the Illinois senator as one — he is not a fellow officer, not a brother in arms — and you started looking at the members of your party base as as many intimates. Certainly, any friendship you get from Barack is, if not feigned, at best a stepping stone to personal power and to victory.

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